Follow the Funds Friday



Washington Regional Cancer Support Home 

The No Excuses program through the Washington Regional Cancer Support Home addresses the need for breast health services among minority, uninsured and underinsured women who are at risk of postponing screening because of barriers to care.  The program focuses on excuses women have to receiving care by offering unique programs aimed at meeting the diverse needs of women.

The No Excuses program conducts clinics throughout the year offering free clinical breast exam and education to women in need of services.  The Clinical Breast Exams are offered through clinics conducted on various days and times of the week to allow women who are often hindered by work schedules to attend.  These clinics are often scheduled on nights and weekends.  No Excuses also provides financial assistance for mammograms and follow-up diagnostic services to women in financial need as well as breast health education and outreach throughout Northwest Arkansas.

No Excuses also includes an educational component including; presenting information, supplying educational materials and providing outreach to a variety of special popualtions facing barriers to breast health information.  Such barriers include language and cultural challenges as well as physical and mental disabilities.  No Excuses materials have been translated into Spanish and translation services are provided to participants.

In addition to the No Excuses program, the Washington Regional Cancer Support Home has another Komen funded program that addresses barriers to care by providing a breast health navigator.  The navigator follows women through every aspect of their treatment, aiding in dispelling fear, helping to understand the intricacies of medical procedures linking to financial and quality of life resources.


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