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E y V - RACEfdC(17) - 2013

Esperanza y Vida Program

Latinos are one of the fastest growing minority groups in the U.S. and Northwest Arkansas has experienced more than a seven fold increase in less than 20 years. As any other newcomer, Latinos are often unfamiliar with the U.S. medical system. Unfortunately, Latinas are also more likely to have higher morbidity and mortality rates for breast cancer than non-hispanic white women. The Esperanza y Vida program through The Jones Center addresses the disparities in screening behaviors in Latinas by focusing on barriers to care such as; access to healthcare, language issues and partners and spouses who do not know, understand or support breast screening.

Esperanza y Vida provides for a breast health navigator, Susy Hannigan to provide education, help schedule appointments, provide translation of forms and interpretation services for mammography and other care services and ensure continuity of care for women in need.

For more information about the program, click here.


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