“Early detection is key!” —Deborah

Deborah Woodard is very knowledgeable about breast health. In Kansas City, Deborah was a Breast and Cervical Cancer Outreach Coordinator where she educated women on how to check their breasts to know their normal and would also help to connect women without insurance to breast health services and screenings. Besides all of her professional experience, Deborah’s mother, sister and two cousins are all survivors of breast cancer. So when she felt a lump on Mother’s Day four years ago, she acted quickly.

“One day there wasn’t a lump in my breast and the next day there was.” —Deborah

The next day at exactly 8:00 AM, she called for an appointment to get the spot checked out by her doctor. After a mammogram and biopsy, Deborah was diagnosed with a very aggressive and fast growing breast cancer.

After almost a year of treatment, Deborah had clean scans and is now a four year survivor. She attributes prayer and family support on what carried her through her journey. Now, more than ever, she preaches about early detection to women.

Deborah also continues to give back by volunteering for the Ozark Affiliate and served as the Honorary Chair for today’s 7th Annual Paint the Park Pink!

The Ozark Affiliate is thankful for advocates like Deborah to spread the awareness message!


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