According to research, over 40% of women in Sebastian and Crawford counties over the age of 40 are receiving a yearly mammogram. This statistic is important because early diagnosis is key to breast cancer survival and ensuring all women have access to breast health screening is the focus of the program “Woman’s Outreach Program,” through The Women’s Center at Sparks. The Women’s Center at Sparks is one of seventeen grantees and it uses Komen Ozark funds to provide screening and diagnostic services at The Women’s Center at Sparks in Fort Smith as well as Summit Medical Center in Van Buren. The program reaches women in rural areas by utilizing a Patient Navigator with education on breast self-awareness, the importance of mammograms and general breast health information. The Patient Educator also signs up women for mammogram appointments and provides travel vouchers to help those women who would not be able to make it to appointments without assistance.

Currently, The Women’s Center is conducting a “Join Our Flock” education campaign. The campaign focuses around the statistic that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. To raise awareness of these statistics, The Women’s Center and Summit Medical Center has unveiled a unique way to encourage women to receive breast screenings. The campaign highlights this statistic by putting up flocks of 7 pink flamingos and 1 white flamingo in the flock The goal is to get people talking about their breast health and encourages women to call The Women’s Center and Summit Medical Center to sign-up for screening.

“Our hope is that by bringing this statistic to life, it will inspire more women to get screened and to learn more about breast cancer and take steps to catch it early,” said Karen Dodd, director of Outpatient Imaging Services for Sparks and Summit. “We all have young ladies in our families, and we are flocking together so our future generations won’t grow up with the fear of breast cancer.”

To learn more about the “Join Our Flock” campaign, visit



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