Over the past 30 years, treatment of breast cancer has greatly improved due to lessons learned through clinical trials.
Clinical trials test the safety benefits of new treatments, diagnostic methods and screening tests. People volunteer to take part in these research studies. Whether a new therapy or test becomes part of standard treatment (or diagnosis or screening) for breast cancer depends largely on clinical trial results.
There are many breast cancer survivors that are currently undergoing clinical trials in the Ozark Affiliate service area. For Survivor Saturday, we will be highlighting Lorraine Hunt, a newly diagnosed breast cancer survivor who is currently participating in a clinical trial.


Lorraine Hunt’s world was flipped upside down on July 10, 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This came as a surprise to Lorraine as she has never had a family history of breast cancer.

When Lorraine was diagnosed, her doctors explained the different treatments and possibilities to her and her husband, and spoke about clinical trials. They assured Lorraine and her husband that participating in the clinical trial would be very beneficial and that it would work the best with her treatment. Lorraine and her husband went for a second opinion about the clinical trial, and those doctors also told her that they would put her on the clinical trial if it were their choice.

This particular clinical trial has been around for a while and has made great promises to other patients and this clinical trial was said to have “legs.” This clinical trial lowers the resistance of the tumors through chemotherapy. Lorraine agreed to the clinical trial, and began her chemotherapy and clinical trial on the same day. She is currently having chemotherapy weekly, and is taking BKM 120 pills daily. She is on her 12th week, and will continue to receive weekly chemotherapy and participate in the clinical trial for as long as it shows it is affective. Because her cancer goes to her liver, she said she will always be on some kind of treatment.

When asked if she had any piece of advice or motivation to provide for other women who may be reading her testimony she said “I have hundreds of people praying for me, and knowing that God is by my side is the most important thing, and I will continue to fight.”

Lorraine Hunt is a wife and mother of two teenage boys, one who is a 19 year old freshman in college, and the other is a 17 year old junior at Bentonville High School.

To read more about clinical trials, click here.


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