Terri’s T-Shirt Contest

Terri's Troops 3

Terri Walker at Race for the Cure

Each year, Komen Ozark hosts a Team T-shirt Contest to award the most popular      t-shirt from the Race for the Cure.  Five years ago, we moved the Team T-Shirt Contest to social media with the winner being chosen through Facebook “likes.”

Terri’s Troops won the t-shirt contest several years in a row and Komen Ozark decided to name the contest in memory of Terri Walker, the driving force of Terri’s Troops. The team was created in 2012 to show their support for Terri Walker during her battle against triple negative breast cancer.

Terri’s Story as told through her friends and family:

Terri was diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer in March 2012.  After very aggressive chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a mastectomy, she was cancer free for almost 7 months, but then discovered a lump in her thigh muscle in November 2013.  Terri went through radiation again to treat the tumor.  The cancer then metastasized to her brain.  Terri underwent surgery for the brain tumor in February 2014 and that is when it was discovered that she had Leptomeningeal Metastasis and the cancer had spread to her spinal fluid.  She never lost faith and never gave up.  She went to be with the Lord on July 22nd, 2014 surrounded by family and friends.

Terri was an inspiration to anyone who met her.  She remained positive through everything and always remained a fighter.  She will be forever missed, but we will continue to fight this awful disease in her honor.

Terri’s Troops

Terri's Troops


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