J.B. Hunt Transportation Services


Since the inception of the Komen Ozark affiliate in 1998, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc has been right by our side in the fight against breast cancer. From monetary support and in-kind donations, to the volunteer efforts of many J.B. Hunt team members, J.B. Hunt has been there to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Along with the commitment of the company, Mrs. Johnelle Hunt has dedicated a tremendous amount of her personal time to our cause. From serving as a founding board member to winning the Promise of One Award in 2008, we are forever indebted to the personal commitment their family has shown the Ozark Affiliate.


Thanks to partners like J.B. Hunt, Komen Ozark has been able to give over $9.5 million back to our local community and nearly $3 million to research to find the cures. The Ozark Affiliate is able to make an impact on these families by funding breast health screening, education and treatment services for those uninsured and underinsured members of the local community. Without partners like J.B. Hunt, Komen Ozark and many others could not impact local lives in the same capacity.

If you have ever attended Race for the Cure and wondered how we manage to make it all happen – the answer is J.B. Hunt. With their generous sponsorship, J.B. Hunt stores, transports, and makes sure set up and logistics go smoothly on race day.  We could not do it without them…they even painted their fork lift pink! Thank you to the team and J.B. Hunt Transportation Services for all your support.


Along with the support of the logistics team that help make the race happen, we are also proud to have J.B. Hunt employee Zac McCool serve as the race chair for the 2016 Race for the Cure on April 30th. Without the hard work of Zac, Butch and the logistics team along countless other volunteers from J.B. Hunt, the race would not be possible.


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