Michelle Yarber – Team Captain Stems of Steel

Michelle Yarber

Our family lost a young, beautiful, person to breast cancer about 20 years ago. She wrote a poem about the women of our family being different types of flowers with Stems of Steel, which is my teams name.  Since that time her husband was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer, has been through treatment and a survivor. I also have an aunt who is a survivor of breast cancer.  So the cause has always been close to my heart.

In April 2013 I ran the 10k Race for a Cure, not knowing I had Breast Cancer myself. The following month I had my annual mammogram, I was 41 years old, and had been having annual mammograms for several years due to lumps that had continue to come up, but all were benign until then. This time they saw some spots they wanted to check out.  I had a biopsy and in June was diagnosed with stage 2, HER +. After a year of treatment, and a bilateral mastectomy, I was told I was cancer free.

I am thankful for the research and developments in treatments, and that is why I am a Team Captain for Race for The Cure.

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