Greg Leding – Presenter for national Susan G. Komen advocacy webinar on “oral parity” legislation

leding-gregHigh cost-sharing practices continue to cause a barrier to care for breast cancer patients. They can prevent them from accessing the treatments prescribed by their physicians and force physicians to make decisions based on outdated health plans rather than what is best for the patient. Patients and their physicians should be able to choose the most beneficial treatments. That’s why Susan G. Komen has long advocated for policies to reduce these insurance barriers.

Because of this tireless advocacy, patients are finally beginning to receive the treatment options they deserve, without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, we have found that most patients are unaware of these new treatment options, updated insurance policies and their options for cost-savings.

On the webinar, Representative Leding discussed the oral parity bill he filed and his journey to the passage of HB 1592 during the 91st Arkansas General Assembly – Regular Session in 2017. Greg discussed the importance of gaining bipartisan support and working with organizations with opposition to address their concerns.


Representative Leding had a host of House co-sponsors supporting HB 1592 and engaged Senators Greg Standridge, Elliott, S. Flowers, and Teague for Senate sponsors.  Senator Standridge was a vocal supporter of this bill. He was battling cancer and taking oral chemotherapy drugs.  Sandridge provided his own testimony on the high cost and the need for parity between IV and oral anticancer medications.  With sadness, Senator Sandridge passed away from cancer at the age of 50 in 2017.


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