Meet BigWig Rebecca Elkins!

“My story begins about 10 years ago when my Grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was fighting her fight as my Grandfather was fighting his with prostate cancer. The courage these two had was inspiring, yet heartbreaking. But I was in my early thirties, and breast cancer awareness was that it sucked, and I kept it top of mind with self-exams. but not a lot more.

A few years later, during a normal doctor’s visit, my doctor did a breast exam and said “Wow, that’s a mighty big lump.”  Ok, not EXACTLY what you’d want to hear.  And in my head I was thinking “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry,” which didn’t work, and in a matter of minutes I was surrounded by the nursing staff and in for a mammogram within 24 hours.  After a very extensive mammogram and ultrasound, it was determined it was just some small calcium deposits.  It was a huge relief.  Around the same time, my sister and I decided to do the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk where participants walk 60 miles in three days raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research and programs.  I’ve never experienced anything like those three days.  We were tired, but encouraged by the thousands walking, cheering and supporting each other.  Our cousin, Sandra, did pass away from breast cancer and that is why I accepted the BigWig challenge.  What I love is that 75% of the money the BigWigs raise stays local, for local programs.  For people to get to a mammogram appointment, for someone like me who hears “that’s a might big lump,” but doesn’t get the same outcome I did.  For families that just need someone to tell them what they need to do next while they digest and prepare for a future that isn’t exactly the one they planned for.

Please help those whose futures have shifted a bit by donating to any one of us in this year’s BigWig program.  You may be helping someone you know!”

Rebecca Elkins is the co-owner of Elkins Design.  You can donate to Rebecca’s BigWig page at: 

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