Meet our Featured Survivor, Aracely Falcon!



Aracely is a wife and mother of two and at 37 years old found herself with another title, “Breast Cancer Survivor.”  Aracely was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer more than three months ago.

 “I found a suspicious sizeable lump on my right breast, and I knew I had to see the doctor. After several screenings, the doctor told us that the results came out positive. At that time the patient navigator interpreted in detail everything in Spanish and then I felt as if my body was floating in the space. I didn’t listen to any sounds, or noises, I was apart from reality by seconds, then my children, my children came to my mind and I said to myself in a matter of seconds, “I was going to be okay, and that I would come out of it fast’.

 They have been giving me chemotherapy treatments in Highlands in Rogers, AR. Thanks to God I have lots of support from family and friends. But, I also believe that I am very blessed to have found someone that gave me education about breast health and breast cancer in my language and now it can navigate me in the medical system and get connected with several other programs that help women with breast cancer, and these programs are supported by monetary funds from Komen Ozark.

 When this disease comes to you, you not only worry about your own life, you worry about your family, your children and all the treatment expenses that come with all of this.

 Susan G. Komen Ozark is doing so much for us, for us the Hispanic women in Northwest Arkansas. With the organization’s support, many lives have been saved, and I want everyone to know about it.

 Ladies, learn as much as you can about breast health and breast cancer. Do not ignore the symptoms. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, do not lose the hope, there is help out there.”